Pedigree Pup

A few weeks back I sent off the Kennel Club form to register Beanie as our dog, and as well as paying the fee I opted to get a formal 5-generation pedigree certificate. It arrived this morning, and although it wasn’t cheap I reckon it was worth getting:


As you can see, Beanie’s formal KC name is Newlin Zamantha. This name was chosen by the breeders, Liz Calikes and David Bradley at Newlin Beagles. They work through the alphabet, giving each new litter of pups names beginning with a particular letter. With Beanie and her siblings all having names beginning with “Z” that must be a lot of pups over the years!

The red entries on the pedigree denote champions, and as you can see Beanie’s got quite a few of them in her bloodline. Her mum was lovely Newlin Kelsey who we’ve met:


and her dad was Redcap Renaissance, shown at here at Crufts:

Sheriff, Kelseys mate, pictured at Crufts

Quite apart from the snob value of having such a pedigree pup, I’ve come to realize how valuable it is to get your dog from a really experienced breeder. In our case, Liz and David of Newlin have been a great source of advice to us since getting Beanie. When we told them Beanie was unwell, they called and emailed us to check on her progress. They really care about their dogs and puppies!