Nightmares and Puppy Adventures

We got off to a late start this morning. I’d stayed up way too late last night reading through the reactions to a programme on the Beeb: Pedigree Dogs Exposed. You can still catch it online via the iPlayer if you’re quick – click here, but be warned some scenes aren’t easy to watch if you’re a dog lover.

Anyway I eventually managed to get out of bed, and the three of us headed off to the park. As we walked up the muddy path to the so-called “puppy field” we were met by – very appropriately – a puppy. A very young Beagle called Tara in this case. She’d wandered off from her mum Tess and sister Clara, no doubt giving her owner Louise a minor heart attack. Beanie hadn’t been anywhere near as bold when she was that young! Maybe two puppy siblings really are double trouble!


Beanie, Tara and Clara

We let Beanie off lead, and after a short meet and greet, she started running off some of her boundless energy with anyone who was up for a chase:


Before long, her German Shepherd friend Kirby turned up. Kirby had been lacking confidence for some time following an attack by another dog. She seemed to be doing just fine with our little hooligan though!


Tess’s two pups seemed to be running on Duracell batteries too. When they weren’t boldly exploring..


..they were wrestling each other over twigs and the shredded remains of tennis balls!


The thing I really liked was that Beanie was happy to play with them, but she played gently. Hopefully that’s a sign that she’ll get on well with her baby brother when we get him next year. On the other hand, Tara and Clara are showing us just how fearless and inquisitive Beagle pups can be when they’re together. It’s hard enough keeping an eye on one crazy Beagle. How tough is it going to be when we’ve got two of ’em!


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