Mud! Glorious Mud!

We’ve kept Beanie away from her favorite park over the last week to test if it had a more potent mix of allergens than the others. Unfortunately none of the other parks has quite the same great mix of young, active dogs for Beanie to play with, and when Beanie doesn’t burn off some of her insane energy reserves in a chase, she becomes even naughtier than usual. This week of relative inactivity has resulted in a significant reduction in the number of viable socks and underpants, an acute toilet roll shortage, and several new holes in the garden. It’s not too surprising then that we chose to return to Beanie’s number one park this morning.

We expected a chase to kick off immediately on arrival, but the first half hour or so was dominated by hole inspections and mud eating.


When Beanie finally made an effort to get a chase going…

DSC02478 quickly crashed and burned. How frustrating!


They say a Beagle is a big dog in a small dog’s body, and certainly Beanie’s happy to mix it up with much larger dogs. But there are big dogs, and then there are BIG DOGS…


Happily, everything changed when Beanie’s Labradoodle friends Amber and Zack turned up. Just a little bit of play-biting..


..and finally a proper chase was underway!


Things got even better when Kirby and Robbie arrived. There was wrestling and racing aplenty, and when the dogs got too hot there was a nice, cooling mud bath waiting for them.



Robbie graciously made time for a quick photoshoot…


and was keen to hold a hole-digging masterclass for the benefit of the others.


Inevitably all that play took its toll, and Robbie ran out of gas.


Even Beanie was looking a little tired at the end of it. Tired, but very happy to be back in her favorite playground!