Handicapped (and we’re pleased about it!)

Yep if it’s Sunday, it MUST be Beagle Racing.

Today races were all for points, and as before, a handicap system was in effect. This forces the dogs who’ve won previous points races to start some distance behind their less successful peers. As it turns out, a handicap isn’t just applied to a winning dog’s next race and then forgotten – it sticks, but is reduced by one yard each week until the dog is starting level again. I think that’s actually quite a nice system – as the season progresses it gives the slower dogs an increasing chance to win. However, today’s races were also subject to weight handicapping, which favors lighter dogs, and forces heavier dogs to the back. What’s more, the handicapping was capped, ie. there was a limit on just how far back a heavy, fast dog would have to start. It was all very complicated, but somehow Carolyne (Murphy’s mum) worked it out and the racing got under way.

Thanks to all the handicaps, Beanie was pretty much starting at the front in her races, so it wasn’t any great surprise when she won her first heat convincingly:

As you can see, I finally managed to capture Beanie doing her Superman impersonation. I’ve caught most of the other Beagles at full stretch before, but not Beanie. Unfortunately low light made the pic a bit grainy, but still, I’m chuffed!

Her second race was much harder, as Derby winner Murphy rocketed through the field to win, but Beanie got second place and so was through to the final:

This time Beanie held on to her lead and won, with Murphy in second and Sam in third. Fantastic! However having won, Beanie will be starting at the very back in her next points race. That’s why it’s often better to finish second consistently if you’re after the end of season points prize.

Beanie doesn’t care about racing tactics though. For her, it’s all about the thrill of the chase.. and of course the chicken – or in this case the WainWrights dried liver cubes -waiting for her at the finish line.

6 Replies to “Handicapped (and we’re pleased about it!)”

  1. carolyne

    Thank Craig for working out the handicaps if i had been doing it alone i would have had every one with there socks off so that i had enough fingers and toes to count on!!!!

  2. Susan Westlake

    I think you’re doing a great job of keeping everything running smoothly!

    Do you remember Maggie asked us all to print out and bring in photos? Well just to let you all know that we’ve taken the photos of the three trophy winners (Abbey; Murphy; Milo with their respective trophies) down to Tescos to get nice big prints made. So no need for anyone else to print them.

  3. carolyne

    Thank you thats great, let me know how much it is for the print and I will give you the money back. Just being nosey here whats happened to Nollaig? and lastly please tell Paul my name isnt Carol!!!! : )

  4. carolyne

    poor Nollaig hope shes ok, and poor Kathleen she has enough on her hands worrying about Spike at the moment, Thanks again for pictures,

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