Peace & good will to all (unless they’ve grabbed your toy)

Today was Biggles’ first ever Christmas, and Beanie’s first Christmas with us (we picked her up from Newlin Beagles on the 27th Dec 2007). Susan’s cousin Margaret had invited us over to Edinburgh to spend the day with her family. The invitation included our Beagles. I figured there were two possible explanations for this:

1) She’s crazy and wants her house to be done over by our two-dog demolition squad


2) She has no idea what she’s letting herself in for

Somehow (2) seemed more likely, and that meant we had to find some way to keep Beanie and Biggles in check when we were over there. Well, either that or be banned for life. So at 8.30 this morning – before it was even properly light –  we were running round like lunatics in the dog enclosure at Bellahouston park in the hope that we could burn off just a little of that effervescent Beagle energy.  Then it was back home to get changed and load up our tiny car with dog toys and the play pen we bought to contain Biggles when Beanie was recovering from her stomach op.

Within minutes of arriving at Margaret’s, we’d erected the play pen and sealed both Beanie and Biggles inside it. That would at least limit the damage, if any, to one small area of the living room. To help reduce noise pollution, we also handed out extra presents to the play pen’s inmates – two identical, chicken-flavored Nylabones.


Biggles expertly unwraps his Nylabone…


…and like countless other youngsters, finds the packaging way more fun than the present!

The first few hours went quite well. There were occasional minor squabbles naturally, and some pathetic wailing (thank you Beanie!) while us human types were tucking into our brilliant Christmas dinner, but no major disturbances.

Then of course someone suggested that we let them out of the play pen. “Go on, how bad can it be?”

Well quite bad actually! By a small miracle no damage was done, but it was close. Beanie nearly got to destroy a Santa figure (revenge for scaring her at the Dog Training Christmas Party). Biggles nearly got to to demonstrate his tugging skills by toppling the Christmas tree. Assorted electrical wires nearly got chewed, wrapping paper and gift tags were chewed but avoided being swallowed by the narrowest of margins, and the floors stayed mostly clear of Biggles pee.

There was however plenty of this:


and this


There’s one really good thing about Beagles though: bring out a tub of treats and they’ll turn into little angels.


But only as long as the treats last!