I’ll have what he had, please

They say that colds and similar ailments don’t go  across species, but it’s very common to see an owner struck down with a pesky bug at the same time as his/her dog. On the same day we took Biggles to the vet with a  respiratory infection, I could feel the back of my throat and nose tickling slightly. As I write this I’ve now got a blocked nose, an annoying chesty cough and feel like I’ve been run over by a bus.

Biggles of course is back to 100% health, and better than 100% naughtiness. He’s currently got an all-consuming obsession with socks and tea towels, and will pull out all the stops to get them, even when they’re way out of reach. Unlike his sister, he still hasn’t sussed that he can jump onto furniture to use it as a stepping stone. Instead he goes for the brute force approach, hurling himself at the target over and over again, in the hope that he can time the snap of his jaws just right and secure his prize. You’ll be sitting quietly at the table when suddenly Biggles’ head and flapping ears burst into view opposite you, then just as quick they’re gone. Then they’re back. Then they’re gone again. He’s like a possessed pogo stick.




Got it!

His recovery from his illness was nothing short of miraculous. I don’t know exactly what the vet gave him but I want some of it. No really, I do, and I’ve been considering various schemes to get it. Maybe with the right costume I could pass myself off as a horribly deformed Great Dane. Of course there would be drawbacks. I’m definitely not keen on being on the receiving end of a canine rectal thermometer.

Anyway, feeling as crap as I did this morning, the normal off-lead walk in the park was out of the question. Instead, Susan took Beanie & Biggles for a local on-lead walk, then broke out one of their Christmas pressies – an agility tunnel. Both of them just loved it, and were trying to run through it even before we’d got it fully opened up. I don’t think they’re supposed to go through it together though!


I did manage some off-lead walks earlier in the week. Here are a few shots of a terrific play session with Penny:



Penny gets a stick…


but doesn’t get to keep it for long…

And finally, I’d like to wish Beanie’s labradoodle pal Zak a somewhat late Happy Birthday. He turned three this week!