Who Says Beagles are Slow Learners?

As you know, Princess Beanie has taken a liking to agility and is proving to be quite good at it.

The most difficult bit of equipment for a dog to learn is the weave poles as it’s nothing like anything that a dog would do naturally. I’ve included weave poles in our practice sessions at the barn, but I’ve got Beanie through them by holding a lump of sausage in front of her nose. It’s not really much use, as although she negotiates the poles she’s oblivious to them. All she see’s is sausage. She needs to learn to tackle the weave poles on her own without my help. Our teacher, Carol, introduced us to the weave poles last Saturday, and Beanie’s Dad made us some out of pvc piping on Tuesday night so we could practice at home. Here’s a little clip of Beanie after just five days practice….

What a little star! I think that by the end of the week she’ll be flying through them on her own. Those Collies think they’re smart, but they won’t be a match for our little Beagle!

And yes, that’s the Biggley Boy you can hear in the background. He doesn’t like to be left out of anything!

p.s. Excuse the floor – we had a washing machine leak in November and the floor has been up since then. Still waiting for the insurance to get sorted out!