Beanie Is 2 Today

It’s hard to belive it, but Beanie is two today!

Celebrations started with a lovely sardine birthday cake topped with liver pate icing. The downside was she had to share it with her pesky brother and her flyball buddies:

Next it’s prezzie time! In our house we need to buy two identical versions of everything to avoid squabbles. Birthdays are no exception:





Birthdays are SO tiring!

Two years old and STILL sharing a bed with my pesky little brother!

One Response to “Beanie Is 2 Today”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    Happy 2nd Birthday Beanie,can’t believe you’re that age!It seems not that long ago Nollaig and I and Dillon met you in Bellahouston Park when you were 6 months old!!
    Nollaig just got that bone bought for her too recently and she loves it,although I’m sure with any other breed the rawhide circles last much longer!!!