The Wrong Kind of Snow

I thought I’d better provide a quick update as we haven’t posted for a while.

We’ve had a fairly thick layer of snow on the ground since well before Christmas. I think it’s only snowed twice but it’s so cold there’s been no thaw. On a positive note most days have been gloriously sunny with clear blue skies. We haven’t been able to get out and about to activities due to the weather but we have had lots of beautiful walks on the beach and along the nearby cycle path. Sadly it’s been a little too slippery underfoot to cope with the camera and two naughty Beagles!

We’re seriously considering getting our hardy little Beanie a pair of walking boots. On walks we have to stop every few minutes to pick her up and rub her paws to thaw out all the little icicles that form. She always lets us know she’s ready to be thawed out – she stops in her tracks, lifts one paw pathetically and looks at us with big sad eyes. As soon as she’s had her paws warmed up she trots away quite happily. Biggles doesn’t seem to be affected.

On New Year’s Day we met Cuillen & Jamie on the beach along with Susan and Karen. They had a couple of their ‘lodgers’ with them (Karen is a dog walker and also looks after dogs while their owners are on holiday). They put our ‘hardy’ Beagles to shame by diving into the ice cold sea. We managed to get one or two snaps of this.



On this particular day there were huge slabs of ice floating in the sea and the salt water was freezing on the beach as the tide went out. Even the fast-moving burn at the bottom of our garden is frozen solid.

You can just about make out the snow-covered peaks of Arran in this photo – sometimes it looks more like the Arctic than the West Coast of Scotland!


Sadly Rumbling Bridge is still well and truly buried in snow so little chance of the special “Christmas Lure Coursing Event” taking place any time soon. However, on a positive note Sue and Kevin have a brand new website for the lure coursing events. And even better still Beanie and Biggles lure has now been released from customs and is apparantly being delivered tomorrow!

6 Replies to “The Wrong Kind of Snow”

  1. Jessica Westlake

    WOW! I can’t beleive how cold it looks. The pictures are great and I hope you all thaw out soon! Just warm and sunny here in Australia

  2. Susan Post author

    Hi Jessica – I’ve never seen snow like this! Usually we don’t get snow until Jan/Feb and it only lasts a day or two. This has been hanging around for weeks – most parts of the country are worse than us! They’re forecasting another couple of weeks of this.

    Have you ever seen snow? Warm and sunny sounds lovely.

    Although ask David about the Winter of ’62 (just before I was born). They had several feet of snow in Belstone. It fell just before Christmas and it was Easter before people could get their cars out!

    I’ll be in touch soon – the boys are growing up fast!

  3. Heather

    It must be a girl thing, Bella does the exact same thing with her paws when she stands in grit. Such a madam! Your new house looks great, hope you’re enjoying it!

  4. Susan Post author

    We love it here Heather! You must bring Bella down to visit her little sister and half brother. Drop us a line if you’re going to be in the area and I’ll give you our address!

  5. Jamie & Cuillin

    Jamie does the exact same thing when she gets snow on her paw.
    The dogs loved the day at the beach and it was great to bump into you guys. Once we can be sure the sno has gone we will organise a trip down to visit you.
    BTW – Have been missing your updates.

  6. Jessica Westlake

    Believe it or not we do get snow right near us in The Dandenong Ranges. It has even snowed right where we live about 3 times so far in my life which has always been very exciting but nothing like what you guys get! Tomorrow is a high fire danger day for us (do not like those) Love the new lure – we had a good Laugh. They are so fast!

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