Biggles’ Second Birthday!

The Biggly Boy is two today!

Biggles OOB

We had a little celebration, actually kind of an agility party, a couple of days ago when the weather was behaving itself. While we were putting up the balloons and agility equipment, Biggles made himself comfy on a couple of canvas chairs we’d left outside to dry after their thorough soaking at lure coursing on Sunday.



The chairs are kind of wobbly and I didn’t think he’d be keen on them, certainly Beanie wasn’t, but he loved the way the seat bottom molded to his shape. They do have one major design flaw though:


Comfy seat – but I can’t reach my beer!

We had two guests for the party, fellow Beagle Bundy and Ru. They each had a go at the agility course and did very well, albeit with a couple of false starts.


What do ya mean I’m supposed to jump it?


OK, got it!


Just like Beanie & Biggles, Bundy had absolutely no fear of the seesaw


Ru was a natural at the jumps!


Obviously no birthday party would be complete without a cake – a sardine cake in this case!


Of course any time you get three Beagles round a table with a tasty, smelly cake on it you can’t really expect to see good table manners.


It’s impolite to howl when the service is a little slow


One shouldn’t chew with one’s mouth open


I’m sure there are also rules about not resting one’s chin on the table..


..not swallowing one’s food without chewing it at least once


..and not proceeding to consume one’s plate immediately after finishing one’s cake

The noise those three Beagles made was deafening. If I ever get to see a full pack of working Beagles going on a hunt I’m going to need earplugs. And through all this, Ru sat quietly by his owner’s side and didn’t misbehave once.  Non-beagle owners have no idea how easy they’ve got it!

Despite the noise and dodgy table manners, I couldn’t help feeling proud of how Biggles has turned out. He’s come on in leaps, bounds and boings since we got a little help with his possessiveness. Admittedly the life expectancy of teatowels, toilet rolls and dishcloths is still rather short in our house, but Biggles is now far more willing to give things up and follow our directions even when there’s no immediate reward in sight. As far as I’m concerned he’s the best Beagle boy there is!

IMG_9654 - Tighter Crop

7 Replies to “Biggles’ Second Birthday!”

  1. Kathleen

    Happy 2nd Birthday Biggles….hope you got the birthday song sung in tune!! to you by Mummmy and Daddy etc that my beagles all love and know means Cake’s Coming!!!!

    ‘What pressies did you get Biggles as I know alpha male and female spoil you??!!’

    Ordered 6 of those harnesses by the way as sometimes walk 6 all at once so thanks for the details!Guy says harnesses not being discontinued as too popular but they are going up in price soon to £55 or more… I got them for £39.99 incl delivery

    Cheers Kathleen(

  2. mamajuliana

    Lucky our Beagle would have liked to join in the birthday chorus!!! I guess she’ll just have to bark a Happy Birthday, Biggles…long distance!

  3. Sara & Murphy

    Happy Birthday, Biggles! Looks like a howlin’ good time was had by all. (I know what that racket sounds like, only too well!)

  4. Paul Post author

    Thanks everyone!

    @Kathleen: other than some nice nosh, he hasn’t had a pressie yet. Pets At Home is about to open in Irvine and when it does, we’ll be making a special visit ;)

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