Tread Carefully on the Poop Deck


Now that the recent monsoons have abated I can get down to the task of ripping out one of the dodgy boards in our deck and replacing it with a fresh, strong plank that sticks out like a sore thumb.

That dodgy board isn’t the only reason why care is required when traversing the deck however. The other reason is the Biggly Boy, who has recently decided that pooing on grass is passe and that the fashionable Beagle should always favor seasoned wood.



He’s already caught me out, giving me a squelchy “uugghh!” moment when I nipped out late at night to put the wheelie bin out for collection. The flipside of this is that de-pooing the lawn prior to a mowing session is now a much easier process. On balance however I’d have to say that slicing and dicing a bottom-sausage in the mower is preferable to the foot squelch scenario; the smell may be more intense, but it passes quickly and doesn’t require any lengthy cleanup.

Fortunately Beanie hasn’t shown any interest in changing her dumping habits. Instead, she’s been putting her efforts into recognizing her toys by name. I can now tell her to go get “Foxy” and be fairly confident of getting a play session with her favorite fox-styled tug toy. Calling for “Squeak and crinkle” will nearly always result in the appearance of Foxy’s battered, partially dismembered predecessor who no longer squeaks but can still crinkle like a champ. Then there’s “Slipper”, “Loofa-Doggy” and of course “Bone”. I know of other dogs who’ve acquired this ability but I think it’s cool that Beanie can now do it too, and all without any (intentional) training.


Unfortunately it seems that simple “ball” – despite being the toy we’ve had the most play sessions with over the years – just doesn’t seem to have made it onto Beanie’s list of known toy names. Either that, or “ball” just can’t compete with the fun potential of “Mr Squirrel”.


Beanie! Go get your ball!


OK, well Mr Squirrel will have to do then :)


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  1. Susan in Delaware

    Garden clean up isn’t too difficult here in Delaware, either. Lady much prefers doing her business on her morning and evening constitutional strolls. She’ll go in the garden if she must, but really would prefer not to do that. Ringo, on the other hand, does his best NOT to poop on walks. He would prefer to sneak behind the tool shed, drop the load, and then eat it. But both options are preferable to the time Josie, in her last few months, pooped in the house around 4am, stepped in it, and proceeded to walk in circles in the hall and living room for about an hour. When I woke up to go to the gym at 5am and saw the (mostly dried) paw prints covering the carpet, I had to cancel the appointment with the trainer and instead had a 2 hour workout with the carpet shampooer. Ah, what we put up with for those furry little monsters!

    That Beanie sure is a smart one! Our one beagle, Jordan, could differentiate slightly and knew full sentences, but he couldn’t differentiate toys.

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