Canicross Scotland Re-launch

Without realising it, Beanie and Biggles had been canicrossing pretty much since they started walking. Canicross is canine cross-country hiking or running with the dog attached to it’s handler by a secure harness, bungee line and belt. We’ve always ran and hill walked with them and quickly discovered that it was damn hard work keeping two norky Beagles under control in open countryside. It wasn’t long before we Googled for some kind of hands free lead system…and stumbled across canicross kit.

Eighteen months or so ago we started dabbling more in races and parkruns with the dogs and we started up a little website to try and attract other people to what was a very new sport. That didn’t really go well (races OR website) and it fell by the wayside. Now we’ve got ourselves back on track and have managed to get canicross to fit our ickle Beaglets like a glove. So we’re re-launching our site – it’s going to be a glorious amalgamation of all the things we are passionate about – our gorgeous Beagles, the Scottish countryside, running, hiking, caravaning and photography.

I know lots of Beanie and Biggles pals share their interests so I thought you guys might be interested. We’ve just got a little single page up right now but the full site will be here soon. I hope you all like it!

You’ll find the new website ( here:

Canicross Scotland – Running and Hiking with Dogs

We’ll still be posting about Beanie and Biggles canicross adventures on FourLeggedPal. This new site is going to be something a bit different…all will become apparent in due course!

Flyball Tryout

Tomorrow we’re off to the Paws at Prestwick fund raiser for CLIC Sargent. We’re hosting a Flyball Have-a-go and Paul will be taking photos of all the dogs in action. Today we had a little practice run in the garden with Beanie and Biggles.

Beanie and Biggles were *supposed* to sit patiently and wait their turn..


…see Beanie in the background:


However, most of the time that proved too much for their self control:




Happiness is….flying through the air with a ball in your gob!

Another Pointy Thing

Just when Beanie and Biggles had got used to their dad pointing a thing at them and making clicking noises now mum’s doing it too!

Until now a rare occurrence – a photo of the Beaglets with their dad

For a variety of reasons it’s started to make more and more sense for me to get into photography too.

  • We enjoy combining hiking, hill walking, canicross and photography and making a holiday of it – it’ll be nice for me to get involved in the photography
  • It gets tedious ‘Beagle sitting’ for hours on end while Paul takes “just one more!”
  • We rarely get pictures of Paul with the pups.
  • We’ve now got two cameras (Don’t ask me why! It sounded reasonable when Paul explained it to me.)
  • We’ve spent a small fortune on photography equipment so I can’t afford another hobby!

I’ve always enjoyed creative hobbies and love the post processing side of photography, but until now I’ve never been inspired to use the camera. Today on our walk we swapped roles for the first time and Paul puppy minded while I wandered about snapping everything in sight. My first piccy isn’t up to Paul’s standard but I just wanted to get comfortable using the camera. I’ll be practicing hard over the next couple of weeks ready for our Skye trip. So watch this space!!