Agility – Progress Update

Beanie and Biggles don’t get to show off their agility skills at competitions because they’re far too norky to be trusted off lead in a strange place with lots of distractions! So, from time to time I like to take a little video of their lessons just to show the world that they are actually getting very good at agility!

This little video really doesn’t do Biggles justice. He did lots of wonderful rounds but daft mum kept bungling the filming. His weaves are coming along great and he’s getting very reliable with 12 poles. Last night his entries weren’t so good but Paul and he practiced today and it’s looking great now! Next time we’ll make sure we show Biggles at his biggley best!

A lovely run on the beach

We had a lovely run on the beach yesterday with the Canicross Eglinton crew.


Our group meets up twice a week. We normally run in the park, but in warmer weather the beach is lovely for the dogs as they can dip in the sea if it gets too warm. I’m really looking forward to some spectacular early morning runs on the beach as the weather hots up!

Wascally Wabbit

Beanie and Biggles think tuggy is good fun when there’s nothing more interesting to do. But we want them to think it’s the bee’s knees no matter what’s going on elsewhere as a Beagle with a tuggy in it’s gob is a (relatively) quiet Beagle. Things took a big step forward in this respect when we invested in two REAL rabbit skin tuggies!

Mmmmmm…..that feels good

Not letting go!

Got it!!!!