The heatwave is well behind us now and we’re in the grip of a “coolwave”; it feels like we’re well into Autumn and yet it’s only part of the way through August! This may not be a popular view but I actually prefer this weather to the unrelenting, energy-sapping heat we’ve had this summer, and Beanie & Biggles seem to feel the same way. They’ve been much perkier (and peskier) on walks, and when I took them for a run on the beach this morning the chilling wind ensured we pretty much had the whole thing to ourselves.


Trips to the enclosure have seen a vigorous return of the “hunt the Beanie” game, where Biggles tries, and usually fails, to chase down his sneaky sister.


Of course the jungle-like foliage doesn’t help


Yep, she’s doubled-back and lost him again!

Now it’s cooler the Beanster’s been putting more energy into keeping the local squirrel population in check.


Got him!


A harsh interrogation ensues…


…And Mr Squirrel agrees to show Beanie where he’s begun hoarding his supply of nuts. Go get ’em beanie!


Mr Fox got a good “doing” as well. He needed some stitching therapy after this encounter!

The cool weather has also prompted us to get our agility gear out for the first time this year. With such a long break since our last session we figured Beanie & Biggles might have forgotten how it all works, but we needn’t have worried. Even as Susan dragged the collapsed tunnel down to the flatter part of our garden, an eager little Beagle somehow made her way inside it. Jumps were likewise no problem for our team of flying Beagles!







Agility Antics

The weather was so nice today that we decided to have a little agility practice in the garden. I shouldn’t really call it practice as we aren’t practicing for anything – just having some fun together.





The big drawback of Paul handling Biggles is that we don’t get any lovely actions shots of our little boy (for those that don’t know, dad Paul is the photographer in the family). However, our boy Biggles is determined and come what may he always finds a way to get a little bit of the limelight:

And suddenly, as if by magic, a Biggle appeared!

I’m going to try taking over handling of Biggles. It will be tricky as Beanie and Biggles are like chalk and cheese and it’s all my fuddled little brain can cope with trying to keep up with Princess Beanie. Adding Master Biggles into the equation will no doubt cause a meltdown but we can but try!

Beanie in action:

And Master Biggles:


Just a short post to celebrate Biggles’ latest achievement. No, for once it doesn’t involve him finding a way into locked cupboards or nabbing items from hitherto unreachable shelves. This time he’s managed to do something desirable: he’s learned to weave properly! For a while now he’s been able to get through the poles if I guide him through, either by using a lead on him or by walking very close by him at just the right pace, but now none of that is necessary. As proof, I give you Professor Biggles of the International Weaving Advancement Group (IWAG):

OK, it doesn’t look like much, and there are only 6 poles, but trust me it’s a huge breakthrough for my little boy. I’ve still got to get him up to 12 poles before his next lesson, but I don’t think that’ll be hard.

Finally, here are a few shots from the last week’s shenanigans:


The wasps are back and Beanie’s standing guard by their hiding place in our door vents


A surprise attack on her brother..


And an extended play fight on the bed..




Biggles can now add weaving to his impressive list of talents (though farting will always be his primary skill)