Reunion at the SBC Championships!

We went along to the Scottish Beagle Club Championships in Lanark today, mainly to meet up with Dudley – one of Beanie’s brothers – and his owners. We were both looking forward to meeting Dudley, but we were expecting the actual show to be a rather formal affair, like a miniature Crufts. Happily, this was not the case! Spectators were free to mingle and chat to contestants, and it was as much a social gathering for Beagle fans as it was a serious competition.

Almost immediately on arrival we met up with David and Liz of Newlin Beagles, and we learned that in addition to Dudley, two of Beanie’s sisters – Zoe and Peanut – were there, along with Ginger (aka Yanis) who was from a slightly older Newlin litter.

Ginger and Dudley

Dudley (giving a paw) and Ginger

Together Again
From the left: Peanut, Zoe, Beanie & Dudley

You’ll notice that “handlers” are present in the above picture of the four pups. This was very necessary, as without restraint the meeting had a tendency to dissolve into .. er .. this:

Seeing them playing there, it’s hard to believe this is how they started out:

Peanut at birth Zoe at birth

Beanie at birth Dudley at birth

Prior to the get-together, I’d wondered if our houndlets would remember each other from their time in the Newlin puppy pile. If they did, it wasn’t immediately obvious. They loved each other’s company, but apparently no more than any of the other pups in the hall. In fact all the Beagles seemed to get on well together. With so many different ages and bloodlines represented you might have expected some disagreements to break out, but I didn’t see any at all. Maybe that’s another indication that the Beagle thoroughly deserves its reputation as a “merry little hound”.