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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Beagally-Beagles! Great to see some other hounds cani crossing!:) We are Team Dexter,I am a 9 yr old English Springer (failed gundog & confirmed sheep/deer chaser) & my bruv is a 3 yr old Springer X Collie (A bit dim!) We are botgh rescue dogs. We do bikejoring,dog scootering & canicross & our ‘ooman has taught us mushing terms so we are huskys in disguise really! We like your blog very much.Our ‘oomans took us up round Sky last year, so we’ve enjoyed looking at all the pics on your blog.We too stayed at Morvich.We went on Calum’s seal trip at Plockton, Badger was scared of the boat, but I barked at the seals A LOT! We have joined your F/B page & look forward to hearing about your adventures.
    Bye for now,Kind regards & woofs,Dexter & Badger.

  2. Paul

    Hi Maxine – sorry, I only just noticed this message!!! We’ve been and done our Skye trip – we were near Portree two or three times so would loved to have popped in to see you.

    We went to Skye at the end of May. We actually stayed at the caravan site in Morvich on the mainland and drove over to Skye. I’m SO glad we did as Biggles went crazy over sheep the whole time we were on the island – don’t know how we would have coped if we’d camped on the island. Had a fabulous time all the same thought. We’re now hard at work at calming the Bigglet down around sheep.

    If all goes well with the Biggle calming measures we may well pop back later in the year and if we do we’ll definitely get in touch!

  3. Paul

    Hi Dexter and Badger,

    Great to hear from you! Yup – the Beaglets do love canicross. We tried biking with them but mum & dad weren’t too hot on a bike and it ended in a bit of disaster!!

    We canicross run and hike all over Scotland – check out our website : http://www.canicross-scotland.co.uk

    Skye was awsome – would have loved to have done the boat trips but was afraid that Biggles would scare away all the seals with his woofing…he certainly scared all the sheep!

    Thanks for getting in touch will try and track you down on fb and send you a friend request – our account is Beanie N Biggles Beagle.

  4. Anne

    I’m trying to source a lure machine for Bella (the almost beagle, short legs big body) you may remember her from Rumbling Bridge. Bella has been diagnosed with cushings and I thought she might like a last blast after a rag. Can you let me know where you got yours from?

  5. Paul

    Very sorry to hear about Bella!

    We got our lure coursing kit from Grimner Greyhounds in the US: http://www.grimnergreyhounds.com/grimner_pcs.html

    It wasn’t cheap even when we got it, but it’s well made and quite durable. You could in theory put together your own much more cheaply with a car battery and an old starter motor, though apparently you can go through quite a few starter motors this way as they’re not built for this kind of use.

  6. Anne

    Thanks for the prompt reply, Sue has said I can borrow her small lure machine, so Bella will have her lure party after all. Lovely to read about your two. Hope you are all well

  7. Mike

    Hi, Just a quick note to say your website is ace. We have 2 16 month beagle boys called Jabba and Yoda. They share similar traits to your 2 but we love them dearly, I have started to run with them a little and there is a n enclosed dog park nearby where they can play with other dogs during the summer. the next challenge for them is to get used to my boat so they can come out fishing but they are not sure yet!


    Mike (southampton)

    Mike (southampton)

  8. Paul

    Hi Mike,

    Two young Beagle boys of the same age that behave like our two? And you’re going to go out in a boat fishing with ’em? You deserve some kind of a medal sir!!

    Great to hear from you, and thanks for the kind words about the blog!

  9. mike

    I know! the idea is I’m allowed out on the boat more if I take them with me, won’t leave port without a couple of filled hooves and a comfy bed in the cabin and I might get away with it for half a day.

  10. Tony McG

    Great fun to view your site. We have two Beagles as well! Boy & girl(brother & sister) – Bertie & Bella almost 4years old. Constant amusement, frustration & enjoyment every day. Same traits as Biggles & Beanie! Thanks for a lovely & enjoyable site/blog.

  11. Sam

    We have a 14 week old beagle he’s been on walks for a while now and the past few walks we have been letting him off his lead, he’s been really good on the daily walks (in a fenced woods) stay close by and coming when called, most of the time!!
    We reward him when he eventually comes to us after calling him up to 8 times!!
    Reading your blogg and other people’s I have related to many points, thank you.
    Today however I we took him on a new walk and he wasn’t as good as he has been, ignoring our calls ( to busy sniffing) very bouncy when we put him back on his lead and barking.
    Would this be because of the new suroundings? Any tips on keeping him well behaved off his lead?
    Thank Sam.

  12. Paul

    My guess would be that it was indeed down to the new, more stimulating surroundings. Both Beanie & Biggles were fairly clingy at that age and I would imagine your little fella is too. You can play on that by walking away or hiding if he has a spell of “deafness”, and of course more recall training and recall games might help.

    Beanie was fairly good offlead in safe places for most of her first year. Once she got older (and we got her a partner in crime, the Bigglet) it all fell apart. We do know a good few other Beagle owners who have held on to their off-lead walking though, and mostly they seem to have either just one Beagle, or a Beagle paired with a less willful breed of dog. They may also have a higher tolerance for AWOL behaviour than us!

  13. Carole Cottrell & Eddie

    Only discovered your site today,but
    have greatly enjoyed searching it! Eddie is a rescued Beagle who does Working Trials and Heelwork to Music. He has recently gained his CD Ex and his Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold. Interested to note yours have Redcap breeding as the last (only other) Beagle to get a CD Ex was Alex Johnson’s Redcap Raindrop in 2004. Eddie is currenly working towards a UD qualification. I will look you up again soon. Snuffs, Carole ‘n’ Ed.

  14. sharon

    hi searching facts about Beagles traits and found this blog! we are a family of five going to see a rescue Beagle on Sunday from Beagle Welfare, this being our first time of a Beagle owner (weimaraner owner in the past)it has been such a pleasant read thankyou!

  15. Paul

    Hi Sharon – glad you liked it. I hope it’s given you an idea of what you’re about to let yourself in for if you get a Beagle!

  16. Jami

    Hello from California! I arrived here by looking for information on how much exercise is too much for my boyfriend’s 9 month old beagle. I came upon your post from when Beanie was 9 months – looking beautiful and fit, and people told you she was too thin! I loved that post and have enjoyed seeing how athletic, healthy and beautiful your dogs are today and how much fun they have! Thank you!

  17. Paul

    Hi Jami, glad you enjoyed our blog and found it useful. We were lucky and got an experienced vet with a balanced, common-sense attitude to such things. We largely followed her advice and though neither of our pups would win any dog shows I’m really happy with how they turned out. The one thing I would like for them is more offlead exercise, but we strike the best balance we can between indulging them and keeping them safe, which is about all you can do with a pair of naughty Beagles :)

  18. AJ

    I have a six year old Beagle called Travis. He of lead most of the time on the beach along tracks,fields he even ran at the side of me whist biking, obviously on the road he was on a lead its amazing how much room cars give you. We started of at 12 weeks with help back and forth for treats. Hide and seek he soon made sure he knew where I was . Basic commands wait . come here. Leave, leave it only some times I will use the command followed by right now in a firm voice. He thunders across the beach making so much noise. He won’t always come back when he is tried and this only happens on the beach. He sits down and waits. It was hard work for the fist 18 months but well worth it. He seems very tuned in to his surroundings very vocal he trills, whines, even grumbles to get his point across. Just like having another child you learn the body language and tones before they speak.

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