A Baby Brother for Beanie

OK, it’s VERY early to be breaking the news, but we’re quite excited :)

We’ve always planned to have a second Beagle as Beanie just loves company so much. We’d considered a rescue, but more recently we’ve felt that it would work out better if we introduced a new pup to the family when Beanie’s around 18 months old. She’s a little tom boy and tends to get on better with boys, so we think it needs to be a baby brother.

The other day I got in touch with Liz from Newlin Beagles (where we got Beanie) and asked her to put us on her waiting list for a little boy sometime after April.

Apparantly she’s hoping to mate Newlin Waffle and Newlin Sailor in February. Newlin Waffle is Beanie’s half sister (Newlin Kelsey was mum to both of them), and Newlin Sailor is apparantly a fit, agile boy. So Biggles (yep, our little boy has been named before he’s even conceved!) should be able to keep up with our little athlete.