Battery Powered Tea-Towel

We had planned to do some lure coursing on the beach this morning. However, Beanie and Biggles were so good off-lead that we decided to quit while we were ahead. We weren’t 100% certain that they’d reliably come to us when they’d finished chasing the lure, so decided to do a bit more garden practice.

They took it in turns to play off-lead on the beach. We played fetch, chases, practiced our Heelwork to Music moves and had lots of yummy treats.







There was one rather embarassing moment when Beanie took off after some poor athlete doing some kind of physiotherapy exercise that involved a ball on a bit of string. Well, what did he expect?!?!?

As soon as we got home we headed out to the garden to play with the lure. We had wondered whether it was safe to use the pullys in the garden as it would mean making some fairly sharp turns. But having seen how they twist and turn when they’re chasing each other we figured they’d be fine. Beanie knew EXACTLY what was about to happen when I started hammering the pullys into the ground. She ran along beside me excitedly, baying her head off – she was desparate to run! Biggles on the other hand was more interested in using his brain (yes, he has got one) to figure out the optimum position to lie in wait so he can catch the lure as it flies past.

We didn’t get the first run on camera, but it was awsome! I think Beanie and Biggles thought the lure was just going to go straight down the garden and stop. They could hardly contain themselves when it turned 90 degrees, shot across the garden then zig-zagged back up the hill again! They bayed, yelped and squealed all the way and their little eyes sparkled with excitement!





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