Beagle mobsters take over park, eat boy

One of Beanie’s sisters – Bella – came along to the park this morning for an off-lead romp, but what started out as a little family reunion quickly turned into a full-scale meeting of the local hound Mafia.

Sophie aka “Scissors” was there first, looking much fitter now that her galastop medication is easing her out of her phantom pregnancy. She quickly got down to some full on mobster-style play with Beanie (“Runner Bean”), and earned an extra item on her already lengthy rap sheet: Assault with intent to consume an ear. In this case Beanie’s left lug. Being such a tough gangster Beanie didn’t press charges though (code of silence and all that).

When Bella “The Belle” joined the group she looked a little uneasy – this was probably the first time she’d seen such a gathering of canine miscreants.

But she soon learned to throw her weight around and earn her position in the pack.

Before long Tess “Big Momma” arrived, bringing the Beagle count to four, but Beagles weren’t the only hounds in this joint.

Polly “The Stare”

With so many mobsters around, you might think the human types would be smart enough to empty their pockets and surrender their treats immediately. Unfortunately that was not the case. One young man needed a little “persuasion”..

..and that was the last we saw of him.

Once the important business had concluded, Beanie and Bella had some quiet time together.

Bella’s certainly well named – she’s a really beautiful Beagle. But she’s not half as fast as our little sprinter!

2 Replies to “Beagle mobsters take over park, eat boy”

  1. Sarah Lowes

    This is Sarah, Fudge and Elvis’ mum, we came to the beagle races a couple of weeks ago but had to retire early due to the heat.

    I was just wondering what park it is that you go to? We take our two to Mugdock and they meet lots of other dogs but no beagles, it would be lovely for them to socialise with some of there fellow hounds!!

    Many thanks,

    P.S we will return to the races but are trying to get some weight off Fudge and so the weekends are taken up by very long walks.

  2. Paul Roberts Post author

    Hi Sarah,

    It’d be great to see Fudge and Elvis again – I’ve sent you an email with our regular haunts and we can all meet up sometime!

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