Some Battles We Just Can’t Win

  • Walking to heel – check.
  • Coming when called – yes, even that…usually.
  • Heelwork to music – no problem.
  • Letting us go through the door first – no probs.
  • Giving up a stolen sock without protest – it took a while, but yup.
  • Sitting and waiting until he’s told to dive nose first into his dinner – absolutely.

But there are some battles we just can’t win:

Some Battles You Can't Win

Beanie at least knows she’s not allowed on the table. She jumps off quickly as soon as she see’s us coming. Or at the very least she respects us enough to run FAST after jumping up onto the table and swiping the food off our fork as it makes it’s way to our mouth.

But Biggly Boy….”It looks nice up there. I think I’ll get up there”. Then FLOP. “zzzzzzzzzzzzzz”. He never touches our food – he just likes to be on the table.

2 Replies to “Some Battles We Just Can’t Win”

  1. Klarissa

    He never (!) touches your food???
    I can’t believe it! But it seems to be true.
    I try to understand all of the texts in this wonderful beagleblog – but sometimes I think that my english is too bad. And the google translation is…a little…amusing.

    Many greetings from Austria,

  2. Paul

    Yep Biggles is very good at sitting next to me and not trying to steal food. Sometimes he shows interest at the start but I just tell him “Mine! Settle down” and then he’s trouble-free. Beanie on the other hand is a nightmare, all the time, and she’s so sly and fast!

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