Eeeeww I put my foot in it, Dad!

Tonight on our short second walk Beanie got distracted by Biggles and accidentally trod in a particularly revolting piece of the brown stuff. Her reaction was not what I was expecting at all! She shot away from the poo pile and did a couple of little circles holding her smelly paw up all the while, just as she does when she’s got grit between her toes or a thorn in her pad. Her reaction was all “eewww I trod in some poo!” Ordinarily I’d have picked her up and rubbed her paw but this time she was sh*t out of luck, as the saying goes.

Now remember this is the same Beagle that redefines the word disgusting. I’ve seen lots of David Cronenberg films, but on walks her actions still leave me struggling to hold on to the contents of my stomach. If there’s something really vile on the pavement that even I can smell a mile off, she has to stick her nose right in it for a power sniff. If there’s some dog, sheep or cow poo around she’ll eat it. Or roll in it. Or both. But for some reason, tonight our little princess reached her limit and I couldn’t help but laugh. Of course right after that I put my own foot in a juicy turd, which I guess made us even.


Beanie, recovering from her poo trauma