Wanted – Field to Rent or Buy (Glasgow, Ayrshire, Renfrewshire)

For a while now we’ve been looking for a field to rent or buy so that we have a controlled environment for training Beanie and Biggles.

We would need to securely fence the field (sheep fencing should be fine) and for that to be affordable and maintainable it would need to be not much more than an acre.

We’d need a flat area for practicing agility etc but the rest could be flat, hilly, wooded….it doesn’t really matter.

Our dogs will bay if chasing each other or following a scent, so it’d need to be a reasonable distance from houses or any livestock that might be stressed by this. And just in case one of our dogs suddenly developed a newfound jumping ability it’d be best if it wasn’t near busy roads or anything where a dog could do damage or cause distress to people/animals.

If anyone knows of anything, or knows of someone that might be able to help please contact us. If anyone already has a securely fenced field and wouldn’t mind letting us use it for an hourly rate that too would be of interest.

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  1. Susan Post author

    That looks great in lots of ways, but it’s a little bit too far from us (30 minutes drive each way) and possibly a bit big to install and maintain secure fencing.

    Something much smaller (1 acre) and therefore cheaper might be OK with that amount of travelling time. But if it takes 30 minutes each way we’re unlikely to make use of it more than a couple of times a week.

    Something of that size might be OK if it was on our doorstep.

    Thanks though! We’ll keep checking on that site.

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