Bay and Pray

Parkrun time again, but with one important difference; Susan was on marshal duty so I was to run with BOTH our Beagles. I’ve run with the two of them on on the beach many times, and more often than I had to stop every few minutes either because they’ve tied me up like a maypole with their leads, or because they’ve decided that it was time for an impromptu wrestling match. I feared the worst, but had a secret hope that the “hunt” atmosphere of the run would keep them focused on going forward.

We were joined in the run by Bundy and her dad Brian, and as we approached the starting area Beanie & Biggles predictably bayed their heads off, then got into an even louder squabble over who should have chief baying rights. I kept well back from the main group, and felt confident that this would allow the other runners to hear the starter’s orders. As it turned out, this may have been only partially effective as Susan – who was at her marshal station half way round the other side of the loch – could hear ’em loud and clear!

As soon as the race started I took off the brakes and suddenly I was flying along. There’s a surprising amount of power in two beagles and for the first few hundred yards they ran brilliantly. Further on as I stuck to the grass beside the path, I had to fight quite a strong sideways pull as they kept trying to get me up by the other runners. Despite this we stormed through the first half of the course and amazingly stayed within view of the leaders. Our twin-engined Beagle mobile eased down on the second half of the course, but still we kept up with Brian and Bundy and the five of us ran down the long home straight together.


Shouldn’t be far to go now, but where’s that blummin’ finish line!


Both Beagle cylinders are firing well!


Bundy’s running superbly too!

Most weeks at Strathclyde someone brings along some post race treats for the two-legged runners, and this time there was some particularly tasty tablet and Tunnock’s Caramel Wafers. Beanie did her level best to mug everyone who took the treats, and when she struck out, she settled for mugging the camera:


I’m cute – please give me your tablet!


I beseech you kind sir, give me your tablet!




When cuteness, dancing and vocal protests fail, there’s only one thing to try: prayer!

Sadly all Beanie’s efforts won her was a couple of poxy Tesco bone biscuits from my sweaty pocket, but this disappointment was forgotten when Susan returned from her marshal duties. She’d been given the position just before the turning point half way along the course, and managed to record video of all the runners as they passed. If you look carefully around the 1:44 mark, you’ll spot a certain three Beagles making their appearance:

The best bit of the original video has been cut though; trying to be encouraging to one particular runner she shouted:

“Well done! You’re nearly there!” and then as she realized the poor soul had only completed 49.5% of the course, she added “Well not really, but..”
Lift ’em up, then slap ’em right back down! That’s how we roll :D

Many thanks to Scott from The Hub Paper for all the great photos from this week’s run. You can see many more photos from the set here (but that one of Beanie’s food-related prayer is just priceless!)

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  1. michelle

    how did you teach beanie to ‘pray’ for a treat? can’t believe her paws – amazing catch on camera!

  2. Paul Post author

    It’s actually part of a begging “dance” she developed herself, though we have now attached the dance command to it. You’re right about it being an excellent catch with the camera – I’ve tried for ages to catch it but never been in the right position at the right time!

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