Innocent until proven Beagle

The few days of sun we’ve had recently fooled us into thinking that summer had come early. The heating got turned off, the patio door spent more time open than closed, and our two sun worshiping Beagles spent many hours soaking up the heat on our lawn and deck.



The sunny weather seemed to charge up their play batteries too because we’ve since had loads of chases, play fights, and also one or two rather naughty moments. Specifically:

  • a large and ridiculously expensive block of cheese ended up on the kitchen floor with Beagle-tooth imprints in it
  • a couple of new alpine plants got dug up and trashed

The cheese attack was down to Biggles; Susan turned her back for a second and one boing later the block of Cathedral City’s finest was on the floor. The Bigglet was apparently so stunned by his big score that Susan was able to snatch it away from him before he could speed-swallow any of it.


Dreaming of the cheese that got away…

The plant serial killer was probably Beanie – given her prior form – but since the attack wasn’t witnessed by any one, we’ll never know for sure.


A victory roll to celebrate a double planticide?


The “innocent until proven guilty rule” doesn’t apply if you’re a naughty Beagle

To be fair she did kind of assist with the initial planting, if you can count hitching a ride in the wheelbarrow and running off with an unguarded plant pot as “assistance”.



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  1. Margaret

    Typical beagle ‘hobbies’ digging things up,we are on our 9th beagle and they don’t get any better!! Love your blogs and photos,

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