Back up to speed!

I think it’s fair to say that Beanie is firing on all cylinders once again. We”ve been gradually re-introducing her activities and she’s been lapping it up!


Beanie’s back!


And Biggles has his chase partner once again!

To celebrate we’ve given the Beaglets a couple of exciting cani-cross runs. The first one was a modest little jog around the castle at Loch Doon. Beanie wasn’t shy about taking the lead, and the normally peaceful location soon got a bit noisy!




Of course we had to stop off inside the castle to check things out…

Loch Doon Castle [IMG_9797_8_9_fused]

There’s barely a single stone inside that castle that hasn’t been sniffed and peed on, that’s for sure!


A final sunset sniff-about finished our Loch Doon adventure!

Loch Doon (IMG_9832-34_Manual)

The second cani-cross run was at a less exotic location: Eglinton Park. A new parkrun is about to start up there and Susan took the pups for a reccie round the course.


For some time now Beanie & Biggles have been doing the bulk of their human-linked running on the beach, usually on extending lines, so we weren’t sure how well they’d do in full cani-cross gear running round the sometimes narrow trails in the park. We needn’t have worried though – for the most part they ran as team, and Susan was able to get in a good few bursts of speed.

Beagle Power! [IMG_5382]

That’s not say there weren’t a few poo & pee stops, and at one point the course was disrupted by a bit of building work so there was a bit of sniffy off-roading..


All the trees and park benches offered plentiful opportunities for the classic Beagle one-two, where Beanie & Biggles go different ways round an obstacle, setting up their attached humie (typically the groin portion of said humie) on course for a painful collision. However against all expectations our pups turned up their moist black noses at these opportunities, giving Susan an enjoyable and largely trouble-free run round the course.




There was the tiniest bit of a steering problem near the end, just as Susan was being taken down a short hill at an uncomfortably fast pace. It may have had something to do with me mentioning the treats in my pocket. Oops!


Treats you say? Sorry Mum, but we’re going this way!

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  1. Penny Dale

    Good to see you all up and out again have missed your adventures. Susan is looking very trim. Beautiful countryside you are lucky to have such lovely walks.

  2. Paul Post author

    Thanks Penny. Yep we have some lovely places to walk nearby, and even more with a moderate drive. Just need a bit more decent weather!

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