Fool me once, shame on you..

A courier package came really early this morning, so I dived out of bed, threw on some clothes and limped down the stairs as fast as my knackered achilles tendons and dodgy right knee would let me. In my rush I neglected to close the bedroom door and shut the baby gate at the top of the stairs. Beanie shot down the stairs after me and headed straight into the kitchen. At last! Mum and dad had finally realized that doggy breakfast really is an emergency that should be handled the instant a puppy wakes up!

Unfortunately for Beanie, her dreams of an early breakfast were shattered when I shut her in the kitchen to answer the door. Package in hand, I re-opened the kitchen doors and headed back to bed for an extra 40 winks. Beanie eventually followed, hungry and disillusioned.

When it really was breakfast time, it took a fair amount of coaxing to get her out of bed. She wasn’t going to get fooled by a breakfast false alarm twice!