We’ve got a pack Beagle!

I’ve mentioned in earlier posts that Beanie isn’t like her siblings. In fact, she isn’t really like any Beagles that we meet. Either in looks or in the way she moves. It had been suggested to us that Beanie was a throwback to a English pack Beagle, so we decided to research her pedigree and try and trace right back to her pack Beagle roots.

I’ve started to put together her pedigree in pictures and it was quite astonishing when you see it – she is NOTHING like any of her recent relatives. I’ve got quite a few pictures dating back a few generations and none resemble Beanie in any way.

Beanie with her parents and grandparents
Beanie with her parents and grandparents

In the picture above she appears to look like her dad (Redcap Renaissance), but when you look at a bigger picture of him you see that the build really is very different. Or is it….? He’s definately much chunkier, but if Beanie had her back legs back a bit like her dad then maybe the shape is the same? (There’s no chance of us getting Beanie to pose like her dad – the picture we’ve got took about half an hour. She only stays still for treats, but the minute you pull out a treat she parks her bum on the floor and refuses to stand :) ). But if she takes after her dad where on earth did she get her super slender frame from? I haven’t managed to get a photo of his dad, Raimax Cracker…does anyone know what he looks like?

Beanie’s dad – Redcap Renaissance

She isn’t like her siblings either. This is a picture of her playing with her sister Bella a few weeks ago.

Beanie and her litter sister Bella (aged 9 months)
Beanie and her litter sister Bella (aged 9 months)

Most people think Beanie is tiny, but her looks are deceiving. She is in fact 16 inches at the shoulder, so the maximum height that a Beagle should be. Bella is perhaps a little over 16 inches but a whole 4 KG heavier! (Beanie’s currently 10.2 kg).

Now look how similar she is to these English pack Beagles. The similarity is quite astonishing! She sticks out like a sore thumb amongst a group of show/pet beagles, but she’d look as if she belonged to these packs!

Beanie and some English hunting pack Beagles
Beanie and some English pack Beagles

We plan to keep researching her pedigree right back to the pack hounds, and perhaps try and arrange a visit to one or two of the hunting Beagle packs to see just how like these dogs Beanie really is.

But I guess this explains where our special little Beagle gets her physical prowess from!

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  1. Kathleen Macdonald

    I do see Beanie quite like her Dad(she has same silhouette, same tuck up etc),and for a male show dog he is actually on the finer side, here’s the link to her Dad’s pedigree and it has pics of a few of her ancestors including Raimex Kracker the one you were looking for. http://www.redcapbeagles.co.uk/PED2256.HTM
    and did you notice Beanie’s dad Sheriff has much more white on his left side than on his right see here in his puppy pic :- http://www.redcapbeagles.co.uk/sheriff.html

    Beanie certainly must have a lot of the working genes in her, both in her looks and in her stamina and endurance etc but she has a much sweeter face and better ears than the working beagles!

  2. Susan Westlake Post author

    Thanks for finding the link to the piccy of Raimex Kracker. I spent ages searching – I didn’t think of looking in the obvious place :)

    Beanie’s mum is a lemon beagle, but the litter was all tri-coloured. However, all but three of them were mostly all white – which probably came from the left side of their dad!

    It really is quite interesting looking through all the pictures and figuring out what came from where.

    I agree that Beanie looks more refined than the pack Beagles. She’s got the best of both – the physique and fitness of the pack Beagles and the temperament and refinement of the show Beagles :)

    I expect Beanie’s dad is the same height as her as she’s the maximum of 16 inches. Now if Sheriff’s torso was much chunkier he’d be too tall…..unless you shortened his legs. So I guess that’s why Beagles legs have got shorter over the years – it’s the only way to make them chunkier without getting too tall to comply with the breed standard?

    Anyway, you’ve found me a couple more pictures to pop into Beanie’s pedigree generating software!!

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