Agility – The In’s and Out’s

At last week’s session at the agility barn I was very impressed by Beanie’s performance, but I was struggling to keep up with her. This is a plan of last week’s course:

Last Week's Course

This week I put a bit of thought into figuring out how I can cut corners so that Beanie can run faster without leaving me behind. We worked a little on distance commands “Go On” and “In” during the week. I came up with the following course plan that merges bits of last week’s course (which Beanie found easy) with opportunities to practice our new commands:

This Week's Course

It was hard going, but we almost managed it. Beanie didn’t have the same enthusiasm as last week – too much thinking involved in this course and not enough fun! So we finnished up with a great fun session with Beanie, Biggles and Paul.

2 Replies to “Agility – The In’s and Out’s”

  1. Lisa

    wow! that course looks really difficult. Beanie must be coming on brilliantly and without going to a club. Seems like you know what you’re doing. Well done both of you.

  2. Beanie

    Thanks Lisa!

    I did go to classes for a while and we still do things pretty much the way we were taught in classes. But I like it best when it’s just me, mum & dad as they know how to think up good games to play if I get bored!

    Love Beanie

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