3rd May Beagle Race – Important Info

Jill has asked us to announce that the Beagle Race at the Open on the 3rd May will now start BEFORE the whippet races (Good news – less hanging about!).

Beagle Race start time is 11 am. The check in time is 10.30 am.

Contact number for more info: Maggie Hendrie on 0123 683 0273.

Information will also be available on the Caledonian Thistle Pedigree Whippet Racing Website: www.callythistlewhippetracing.co.uk and the Scottish Beagle Club website: www.scottishbeagleclub.org.uk/html/beagle_racing.html

This Sunday (26th April) we’ll be doing time trials. This will determine handicaps for next week’s race. The faster dogs will be starting further back to give everyone a chance.