Beagle Boy Louis Lost – Please Help Find Him!

A little Beagle boy called Louis got spooked in a thunderstorm at 11am this morning and ran off. He hasn’t been seen since.

He went missing at Pound Farm Woodland Walk in Framlingham, Suffolk. If you live in the area please do all you can to help spread the word. If you have a website, facebook, twitter or similar please do all you can to make sure as many people as possible are looking for Louis.

Louis’s owners are on holiday. He was being looked after by someone else. They won’t get home until tomorrow. Obviously they are quite distraught.

Please make a big effort to spread the word – especially if you live in the area.

UPDATE: Louis is safely back with his owners. Like a true Beagle he evaded capture for a few nights until he tired of his solo adventure, then trotted back into his owners’s waiting car, oblivious to all the worry and stress he’d caused!

2 Replies to “Beagle Boy Louis Lost – Please Help Find Him!”

  1. Zak & Amber

    Hooray Louis has been found!

    Now remember you two, we don’t want to see you on Doglost.

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