Mr Burns Rewards Santa’s Little Helpers!

Over the Christmas period Burns pet food ran a festive photo competition on their facebook page, and a certain two Beagles won with the following snap:


We were promised that a “little something” was on its way to us as a prize, and tonight – just as Beanie and Biggles were about to tuck into their tea – we received a very BIG something, safely wrapped in a sturdy plastic bag!


After the initial external inspection, the unpacking began…


Biggles seemed particularly adept at this


One by one, he carefully extracted the goodies from the bag


and ran off with them to his “corridor of doom”


The kelties and fish bites have been unpacked, but there’s still more in there!


OK, who’s got dibs on the Duck & Brown Rice?


We managed to get them to pose with their impressive prize haul for about 3/10ths of a second…


but we couldn’t hold off the first tasting any longer than that!

The prize couldn’t have been better for our Beagles; two bags of kelties, two bags of fish bites, a couple of sturdy frisbees (Biggles destroyed our others), a big bag of their favorite kibble, and a very posh looking blanket which amazingly matches the color of our sofa:


Thank you Mr. Burns!!!

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  1. Bundy

    Congratulations to the two B’s on winning the Burns competition….you both look swell…love your fellow beagle buddy Bundy

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