Get Foxy!

The snow came back, and Mr. Fox came out to play.


One fox, two Beagles. Whatever happens, it’s gonna be noisy!

Beanie got hold of him first and pranced about like a new puppy, trying to tempt Biggles into a chase:







Go on Biggles, try to get Mr Fox, I dare ya!

Biggles didn’t take the bait though; he knows he’s not fast or agile enough to catch Beanie when she’s taunting him with a toy. Instead, he just sat quietly watching and waiting for Beanie to get bored…


Without the thrill of a chase, Mr. Fox loses his appeal and Beanie’s attention starts to wander…

After a few minutes, Mr. Fox’s head mysteriously stopped squeaking and Beanie dropped him for a moment to go investigate something else. This was exactly what Biggles had been waiting for! He sprinted in, grabbed Mr. Fox and chewed furiously at the remaining squeaker in the tail end!


With Beagles, possession isn’t just 9/10ths of the law, it’s ALL of it!

Beanie complained loudly at this blatant case of foxnapping, but Biggles wasn’t giving it up. He was now willing to engage in a chase however; Beanie may be the superior athlete, but he’s the superior tactician, and when he gets the pole position in a chase he knows how to hold on to it!


Biggles issues the challenge!


His chase, his rules!


And we’re off!

Mr Fox is currently drying out in our utility room. He’s down to one working squeaker and he’s looking a bit sorry for himself, but he’s still in one piece and I suspect he’ll be joining our two on another chase before long.

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