Biofuelled Paper Shredder

With identity theft becoming commonplace it’s more important than ever to make sure that you destroy documents containing personal information before disposing of them in the bin. Paper shredders are the usual solution, but they often leave your documents in a state where they could be reconstructed given enough patience and time. For complete peace of mind, you need the Beagle Shred-O-Matic.

The Beagle Shred-O-Matic has the following advantages over traditional, electrically powered paper shredders:

  • Easy to use. Just deposit your important documents in a place where no other dog could possibly reach them, and turn your back for a few seconds. The Shred-O-Matic will retrieve the documents and begin the destruction process automatically!
  • Environmentally friendly – runs on biofuel!
  • All documents are coarsely shredded within a minute. Given a little more time, the Shred-O-Matic will employ enzymatic agents (also known as saliva and stomach acid) to further destroy the paper. Once fully processed the destroyed material is ejected from the rear waste port in a compact, biodegradable form. Rest assured that no-one, not even the most determined identity thief, will want to retrieve your documents after that!

Beagle Shred-O-Matic

Note: the shredding process sometimes generates unusual sounds. Do not be alarmed – this is part of the Shred-O-Matic’s normal function.

The recent changes to training and treating seem to be paying off, as Beanie’s recall is getting better and she never wanders far from our sides at the park. Just as we’re getting on top of one problem though, others arrive to keep us busy. Beanie is currently going through a heavy shedding and teething phase. It’s impossible to cuddle her without being coated in little hairs – you can even see them on the dark brown areas of her paw bed in this piccie:


Is Beanie going bald?

And her teething has taken her chewing habit to a whole new level. Nothing is safe! In an attempt to make her mouth more comfortable – and give us a few moments’ peace – I’ve been making “Kongsicles”. I got the recipe (if you can call it that!) from the following site:

Make a super-fast frozen kong for your dog

I don’t bother with the funnel – I just spoon a layer of bio yogurt into the upturned kong, chuck in a small handful of Burns kibble, top it off with more yoghurt and stick the whole thing (still in the cup) in the freezer. Beanie absolutely loves it and it does seem to take away some of the teething discomfort:



Of course the Kong tends to move around as she’s working on it, and occasionally it rolls under the baby gate securing our office. Cue wailing and further chewing of the gate!

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  1. Miss D

    How rude of me! Don’t you hate it when that happens? I’m always going “What’s the BABY’S name?” rather than hazarding any guesses.

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