Beagle Racing – More New Recruits!

Last week Beanie’s park pal Sophie joined her at the race track. This week she had the company of more friends from the park, in the form of Dillon – a cuddly Tibetan terrier she loves playing with, and Nollaig (Irish for Christmas) – a beautiful Beagle who’s only recently had pups. Nollaig’s owners Kathleen and Neil also brought along two of the pups to spectate, and three more of their nine (yes, NINE!) Beagles to participate in the racing.

The Beagle newbies all finished their races and had a great time doing it. That’s a good start, and should make for some interesting races later in the season when they really find their feet. The final was dominated by the regulars however, and this time it was Milo that took 1st place.

Milo wins the race and Murphy’s face says it all!

Beanie’s playmate Dillon got to run in his own race against Titch and a Jack Russell terrier.

Titch in the lead, Dillon in second place just before it all went wrong!

They were all doing well and clearly having a ball, but unfortunately the lure lost its appeal before they reached the finish line. Race protocol was cast aside as Dillon decided he’d rather have a playful runabout at the halfway point, while Titch embarked on her own new race back to the Start line.

The day concluded with an all-in final race. I have to say this is always my favorite. No vests, no recorded results, just a big bunch of dogs tearing down the track and having fun.

With so many dogs running, both Susan and I were down at the finish line to help out with the post-race catching. We fully expected that Beanie would forget all about the lure and go play with Dillon, but to our complete amazement she actually won! Apparently she got a little bit of an early start, but barefaced cheating has always been allowed in the Beagle rule book :)

Murphy’s last second Superman impersonation is not enough to beat Beanie!

Beanie deploys her ears as an air-break while Nollaig secures an impressive 3rd place

Guided by his Beagle chums, Dillon finally makes it past the finish line!

There appears to be some controversy over the second photo of the final, erm “Fun” race. Here it is, in its full uncropped glory – click the link to see it.

Did Beanie win? Did Murphy win? And if the Apollo moon landings really happened, how come there are two light sources in the photos :)

14 Replies to “Beagle Racing – More New Recruits!”

  1. Kathleen Macdonald

    What brilliant photos,thanks Paul, have added them to our Mochuisle beagle photo album. My 5 beagles and Dillon(sister Anne’s dog) had a fantastic time and we’ll definitely be back,will bring my other 4 beagles next week! So glad to have met Beanie a couple of months ago in Bellahouston Park she’s the reason you’re as beagle daft as me!!!

  2. jen

    firstly titch is a girl (pink collar). and secondly murphy won the last race. i was at the line and murphy was 1st followed by beanie then Nollaig then titch then milo

  3. Paul Roberts Post author

    Hmm, you’ll need a few more witnesses to convince us – three of us on the line and a photo say it was Beanie :)

    Apologies to Titch though – I’ll correct her gender just now!

  4. jen

    the first photo clearly shows murph in front and the second one he must be in front cause he isnt in it

  5. paul hutchison

    as was stated murphy is not in the photo as he won the race .but as you all know

  6. Susan Wesltlake

    I hate to throw a spanner in the works and upset everyone yet further, but I disagree with everyone. From where I was standing it looked as if Murphy was in third place slightly behind Nollaig. ;) :)

    (Nollaig is Beanie’s friend :) )

  7. Susan Wesltlake

    I’ve just noticed from our website stats that this thread has resulted in a buzz of activity from the racing regulars – we’ve had more visitors over a couple of days to this thread from the East of Scotland than we’ve had all year!! :) :)

    So, ever the opportunist….

    Would anyone like to sponsor Beanie in a 5k race to raise money for Beagle Welfare? Or, does anyone fancy entering the race with her? Click on the Big Fun Run link in the page header for more info!

    C’mon….you wouldn’t want people thinking that Beanie is the only member of the Calledonian Thistle Pedigree Whippet Racing Club that’s a speed demon over both short and long distances ;) Although be warned…she’s planning on a sub 25 minute 5k :)

  8. paul hutchison

    I hope beanie and murphy will behave on sunday you know how serious this racing is.See you sunday bring your gloves just in case.
    nearly forgot (MILO RULES )

  9. Kathleen Macdonald

    I definitely know that Beanie won(she told me) followed closely by Nollaig and I’m sure even Dillon beat Murphy in that race look you can’t even see Murphy in the picture he’s that far back!! In fact given the chance Dillon would fly past even Sam the slowcoach!!

  10. David McDonald

    I have a 1 1/2 year old beagle – Hamish who I’m sure would love to race. Please can someone let me know where inch farm is and what time the race meeting takes place.

  11. Paul Roberts Post author

    In theory the racing starts at 3pm each Sunday, though it can be a little later if there are lots of whippets racing before the Beagles.

    Inch Farm is close to Longannet Power Station so if you’re using Sat Nav or AA/RAC route finder head for that (FK10 4AA).

    After you cross Kincardine bridge keep following the road around to the right (following the coast). After a short distance you’ll come to a roundabout. Take the third exit (towards Longannet Power Station).

    A short distance down the road (perhaps 100m) you’ll see a farm road on the right. There will be cars parked in the field and Whippets & Beagles. Turn down the farm road and then an immediate left onto a muddy, bumpy track. Go straight past the little bit of parking on the left and drive into the field to park.

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