Beagle Pool Party

Beanie had an extra special swimming lesson today – her buddy Sophie was there!

We met up with Sophie in the park this morning and it turned out that their lessons were about the same time so we decided to all go together.

Sophie went first, and was swimming just great. Without a life jacket too!!

Beanie’s turn came next and she was quite miffed when they made her wear a lifejacket – with Sophie watching too!!

She needn’t have worried – Sophie was more interested in raiding the toy box.

Sophie did 24 laps without a life jacket and with the water jets to make her work harder.  But little Beanie wasn’t going to be upstaged – she did 25 laps :)

The peer pressure seemed to result in a better performance from both Beanie and Sophie, so we’re booked in for a double session again next week.

2 Replies to “Beagle Pool Party”

  1. irene (Toby with the bells)

    What a wonderful blog. Enjoyed the 2 HOURS!!!!!! reading through. When I die, I want to come back as your dog. What a life Beanie has!!!!!!
    Must go now as the dogs have been waiting 2 hours for their walk and they’re blaming Beanie. Wouldn’t be surprised if the next time we meet the ‘ fur starts flying’.
    Thanks really enjoyed this.

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