A tale of ice and fire. And bogs. Part#5

So far we’ve had icy cold, bogs, naughty room training and a tick, but no fire; that came our visit to Castle Stalker in Appin, the final adventure of our Highland trip. This short and flat walk starts out in a layby, and takes you across a long, low and very narrow wooden bridge. During particularly high tides even the bridge can be submerged beneath the surface of Loch Laich, but on this occasion it was thoroughly dry. It was however still a challenge to get to the other side, because the planks going across it are widely spaced, and Biggles does not like that one little bit.


He seemed OK for the first few yards, but then he dug his front paws in and froze. Rather than simply picking him up and carrying him, Susan just gently coaxed him along. It took a while. A long, long while.


But eventually he made it, and immediately returned to his normal cocky self as we walked along the shore by the castle. Other dog walkers and photographers all received a stern woofing! I love the way my boy can instantly put bad experiences behind him; it’s a good way to be.


The area around the castle is renowned for spectacular sunsets, but this evening was colorless and grey. I took a few long exposure shots, the sunset came and went behind the clouds, and I was all ready to pack up when some of the clouds started to pink up. I kept taking shots and a few minutes later it looked like the sky behind the castle was on fire.

Castle Stalker Long Exp [IMG_5693]

From grey…

Castle Stalker Fiery Sunset Pano

To spectacularly colorful, and all this well after the official sunset time. Click the above pano to see a larger image.


The colorful show continued long after sunset, with the sky turning a deep red as we retraced our steps to the wooden bridge. Biggles trotted onto it quite happily, and this time made it to the half-way point before a steady supply of biscuits was needed to coax him to the other side. The last night of our holiday we all slept soundly in our caravan, and in the morning we packed up and drove home. But not before Beanie had one last stint in the naughty room.

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4 Replies to “A tale of ice and fire. And bogs. Part#5”

  1. Susan in Delaware

    What a wonderful adventure! Well, except for ticks and boggy wet feet. :) Ah, that Beanie girl … very funny that she decided the worktop/naughty room sequence was a game by the end of your holiday. Lady sounds somewhat similar to Biggles, with a lot of show about being tough, but actually not so brave after all! (I always say that Lady is slightly crunchy on the outside, but otherwise is completely soft, gooey and sweet on the inside!). Beautiful photos, wonderful stories, thank you!

  2. Sue in Texas

    Wow what a wonderful vacation, thank you for taking us with you! Love your narrative.

    Give the pups hugs from us in TX.

  3. Paul Post author

    Thanks Sue, glad you liked it. We got insanely lucky with the weather!
    P.S. Hugs given, though Beanie wriggled out of hers and stuck her snout in the coffee cup on my desk.

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