Back with a vengeance!

After ten days’ convalescense to recover from her spaying op, Beanie was finally allowed to return to the park and have a proper off-lead run. I think we were looking forward to it even more than Beanie. We’ve missed the walks, but even more than that we’ve missed the blissfully quiet afternoons that follow an energetic play session with other pups.


It hasn’t been at all easy to keep Beanie from popping her stitches. A few days after the op she felt fine, didn’t seem to need her pain meds, and would have been bounding round the garden like always if we hadn’t been there to stop her. But somehow we managed it, and as I write Beanie’s sleeping peacefully after a good old fashioned romp with her park buddies.

The other dogs were keen on splashing about in a stream – something¬† that normally doesn’t appeal to Beanie. She’s much more keen on covering herself in mud and disgusting pongs than washing it all off in an impromptu bath. Still,¬† she’d gone so long without a play session that she jumped in and joined in the fun.

She doesn’t know it yet, but she’ll be getting swimming lessons in a couple of weeks – our training club is holding a “pool party” at the Pets A & E in Glasgow. I guess they have a pool for therapy purposes – the ideal place for dogs to learn to swim in safety. Given that the club has a couple of crazy labradoodles in its ranks, I think I’ll be wearing waterproofs for that one!