Heaven is… his ‘n’ her shoes

I am totally knackered, so this will be a short post!

The first night with Beanie & Biggles couldn’t really have gone much better. We kept them in separate crates in our bedroom, but still in sight of one another, and though Biggles tends to be very vocal when he’s awake he made very little noise through the night. We’re giving him regular pee-breaks during the night – about every two-and-a-half to three hours, to avoid any in-crate accidents. He had no choice but to go to the loo in his crate on the way home yesterday, so we’re being really careful to nurture his desire to keep his den clean.

He’s had a couple of short outings today in a purpose-built carry bag lent to us by KathLeen and Neil of Mochuisle Beagles. The first was out to the main road to introduce him to traffic sounds, and the second was a short sponsored walk round Queen’s Park in aid of Canine Concern Scotland. The weather was horrible for the latter, and as I’m still feeling very fragile from yesterday’s dose of Ghandi’s Revenge I was rather envious of Biggle’s cosy little home from home. He protested at first when I carried the bag via the handles, so I ended up holding it in my arms, so that the see-thru side was close to my face. That calmed him down, though he did seem a little frustrated at not being able to get out and explore his surroundings. He loved all the attention he got from the other dog owners though!

As the day progressed, he really seem to be settling into his new home. Yesterday he slept very lightly, but this evening he’s having really good, deep sleeps. Beanie really seems to have taken to him, and plays with him very gently, often letting him roll her over onto her back. We’re limiting their play to just a few minutes at a time, and they’re both spending much more time separately with us than together. Even so, I’d swear he’s already starting to pick up on housetraining by copying Beanie.

Anyway, here are a few photos from today:

A small shoe for the little boy…

And a big shoe for the one-year old girl!

If you take a close look at the third picture, you might think that Biggles’ paws look almost the same size as Beanie’s. If so, you’d be right! And when you hold him, you can’t help but notice that he’s suprisingly heavy for his size, and that his skin is really loose on his body. From what I’ve heard, that probably means he’s going to be a really big boy when he’s fully grown. How long before he’s bigger than Beanie?

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