Points & Maiden Race Trophy Winners

We took Beanie Beagle racing today for the first time in a month. We missed one week when we all went down to collect Biggles, and there’s been two weeks that the track was flooded.

It was a lovely sunny day so we decided that we’d all go and take Biggles along for the socialisation. He was as good as gold and slept through the entire afternoon. He only woke for a few minutes when Jan kidnapped him and took him to meet everyone. We learned a few useful things about handling two naughty, noisy beagles. Jan also demonstrated how to hold a wiggly puppy without dropping it and informed us that Biggles is in fact not a huge pup but normal size. Nevertheless, at 7 weeks old he was too big for the little coat that little Beanie was wearing until about four months old!

Scheduled for today was the final points race (After which the winner of the points trophy would be decided) and the maiden trophy race. The maiden race is open to all dogs that have not yet won a race.

Winner of the maiden race was Jan Bell’s Inca (who is no slouch and actually came fourth in the derby). Inca’s sister Abbey won the Bitch trophy a couple of months ago.


Beanie came first in today’s points race. She won the last points race so was handicapped by 6 yards in this race. However, we also had weight handicaps today and as she’s so much lighter than all the other dogs she still ended up with a 10 yard lead over Murphy, and 8 yard lead over Sam and a 2 yard lead over Abbey. The trophy for the points race goes to the dog that’s earned the most points over the entire season. And that was Murphy (who also won the derby).


As you can see from the photos, it’s getting dark very early. Next week will be the final race day of the season.

But by the start of next season Biggles will be 8 months old and ready to start joining Beanie at the race track.