Move my pillow a little bit to the left mum

Our little invalid is recovering nicely, but true to form is milking it for everything it’s worth!

To avoid strain on her stomach she’s getting a few meals a day. Home cooked chicken and rice, fresh pink salmon, lamb, rice and veg – only the best for our little princess.

We’ve made her a comfy little bed beside the radiator. It’s made up of piles of nice soft duvets and the pillows off our bed – she likes the smell of them. At night when we’re not able to keep an eye on her we have to put her Elizabethan collar on and pop her in her crate. This didn’t go down well last night. She wanted to get into bed with us, but we were afraid to allow this in case she tried to jump down during the night. After listening to her whine pitifully for a couple of hours I eventually relented, took her collar off and went downstairs with her to sleep on her little bed by the radiator. She was in her element and slept peacefully, snuggled in closely to me until 9am. We’re going to have to put a stop to this very soon or I’ll never get to sleep in my own bed again!

Paul has ordered an inflatable colar. Sophie’s mum Hazel told us about them and I have to say it does look much more comfy. That comes tomorrow, so I’ll probably sleep with her again tonight and then we’ll put our foot down. Or at least….we’ll try.

EDIT: I took the dressing off this morning and saw the scar for the first time. Poor little thing – maybe I’ll sleep with her for a couple more nights!

Let this be a warning to all the naughty chewers and swallowers out there…..

What an unlucky little girl though. I really don’t think she’s swallowed anything before – certainly we’ve never seen anything come out the other end! The first time she swallows something and it has to be something that reacts with her stomach acid and turns solid!

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  1. Angela Bryant

    Poor little Beanie! You precious little dear, please don’t swallow any more foreign objects! I’m so glad your mommy found it early before it got to your intestines. Rest easy and get well soon. You’ll be back to romping and playing with Biggles in no time!

  2. Kathleen(Mochuisle Beagles)

    Would love the info on that inflatable collar please, as I could have done with it for Breac as he had his lampshade on for more than 2 weeks and couldn’t sleep very well with it on either! I’m sure with having 9 beagles I will need it at some point in future though not too soon I hope!!!! Get well soon Beanie xx

  3. Paul Roberts

    Hi Kathleen,

    It’s the “Comfy Collar” – got it from here:

    It came this morning and looks great but unfortunately they sent the wrong blummin’ size! The packaging has it marked as a size 2 (correct for Beanie) but it’s actually a size 1 (as marked on the collar itself). I’ve emailed them, hopefully they’ll send a replacement quickly.

    UPDATE: They’ve got back to me and they’re sending the correct size special delivery. Good responsive service.

  4. Susan Westlake Post author

    I’m pleased to report that she’s doing very well. In fact we’re having problems keeping her quiet! The next few days are going to be hard work!!!!!!

  5. Paul Roberts

    >>Thanks for info on collar Paul- could you please let me know if
    >> it’s a success for Beanie, as if so I will definitely order one
    >> because I hate those lampshades!

    Yep will do, although we’ve just received another collar the same (wrong) size. It’s absolutely NOT Pawsitive’s fault, the problem is all down to bad labeling by the manufacturer. Anyway we’ve got a size 3 coming tomorrow and I’ll do a review on the blog. In fact I think I’ll finally start a review section because we’ve also just got a play pen to free us up to get some work done while Beanie’s still grounded. How you manage with 9 beagles.. jeez you and Neil must have superpowers!

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