One year and two days of Beagle Chaos

We first picked up Beanie from Newlin Beagles on 27th Dec 2007. I fell in love with her as soon as I held her in my arms, and she showed how she felt about me by barfing all over my lap and the car seat. Since then, our crazy little girl has packed a lot into her first year with us. So far, she has:

To mark our first year of Beagledom we took them both to Muirshiel Park for a stimulating walk. They were beautifully well behaved at first.


Then there was a mad scramble when a tasty cache of sheep poo was discovered.


They both loved the change of surroundings, but I think Biggles enjoyed it best of all – it was all new territory for him.


When we got them home, they both fell into a peaceful sleep. Well that’s not quite true. They had a little squabble over a chew first, then went for a pee in the garden, then complained about their beds not being quite right, then fell into a peaceful sleep. The very next day it was back out to the park for some more frozen fun.


Dad this puddle is faulty! I can’t drink out of it or roll in it!

They met up with a great pair of JRTs and had some chases, until one of the terriers got a little too excited and was re-leaded.


You just can’t beat a bit of argy-bargy with a pair of Jack Russell Terriers


And as we were about to leave, a new chase started up with a stomach-churning carton of milk.


What do you mean this milk is off? It smells great!


And Biggles isn’t getting any of it!

Biggles did his best to keep up, but eventually he had to admit defeat and retire from the chase. In a few more months though, things may be very different!


5 Replies to “One year and two days of Beagle Chaos”

  1. Hazel & Sophiw

    Loving the new-look website !! Biggles looks like he’s getting bigger every day. And apart from trips to the vets with the amount of activites you’ve done you’re putting Sophie and I to shame !!

  2. Kathleen(Mochuisle Beagles)

    Absolutely love the new look website, particularly the facility to search posts for certain topics etc… I hope I can at some point next year get a chance to get ours up and running, as missing out on recording precious memories with our pack! Biggles and Beanie look great together and Biggles is turning into a handsome young stud!!! Anyway here’s to a happy healthy 2009 for all of you Paul,Susan, Beanie and Biggles love and licks from all at Mochuisle Beagle world xxxx

  3. Katie Moon

    Two of the most stunning Beagles I have seen. What beautiful faces. And so happy and full of life. All the best for 2009.

    K XX

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