Partners in crime

In a bid to minimize Beanie’s out-of-field excursions we’ve actually returned to having her & Biggles offlead together some of the time. This is ironic,  because we originally started keeping them separate when offlead to curb their habit of running off as a pack. Just at the moment though we’ve found it a little easier to control Beanie if we get her together with her brother and engage them both in a frenzied game of puppy ping-pong. In other words, we take positions at opposite sides of the field and take turns in calling them to us. With tasty treats at stake and each other for competition, they stay pretty focused and quickly burn off some of their excess energy.


Incoming Beagles and only seconds to get the treats ready!

It’s hard work (we have to a do a bit of running and inject lots of enthusiasm into the game), but they love it and it should help them to associate being with us with fun.

Still, it’s a big help when a fit, young and playful dog comes along. Recently this role was filled by Rosie, a Spanish Water Dog. When we first saw her she was carrying a nice red tennis ball. She didn’t hold on to it for long of course. It was Beanie who actually nicked the ball, but Biggles played his part by distracting Rosie just at the right time…


Once Beanie had the ball, it was chase time. She could certainly have outrun Biggles and possibly Rosie in a flat out sprint, but today she preferred to tease them by letting them get close, then confound them by abruptly changing direction.


Biggles falls for the quick turn once…


…and again. Feel the frustration!

At one point, Biggles and Rosie seemed to coordinate their efforts to catch Beanie, but she still found a way through.


Closing in…


The gates are closed, but Beanie still slips through


Into another hairpin turn…


Accelerating hard on the way out…


And it’s back round the tree! Again!

Even after all that chasing Beanie was up for a bit of ball retrieval (with her own ball this time, not Rosie’s) but Biggles was content to spectate.


Beanie waits for the ball’s treats to be retrieved..


Biggles sits this one out. Those treats do look tasty though!

And from the following day, here’s a video clip of our two hooligans harassing Kirby and her new German Shepherd pal. We put them on lead after this, to give the two shepherds a chance to bond in peace!