Unexpected Graduation!

We’re just back from our regular training class at the Glasgow Dog Training Club, proudly clutching Beanie’s graduation certificate:

A beginner no more!

Beanie’s now qualified for the intermediate class – not bad at all for a naughty 7 month old Beagle!

We really hadn’t been expecting to be move up to the next class so soon. Beanie’s a relative newcomer to the club and though she’s quite good at sit/down/stay and recall, her walking to heel still needs a lot of work. Also, I’m not sure about this but I suspect it goes against the class rules to chew on her neighbor Robbie’s tail whenever she gets a chance – especially as Robbie is a show dog with a very promising future (we’ve just heard he’s qualified for Crufts next year). Nevertheless, head trainer Val gave Beanie the nod, and it’s really motivated us both to work even harder on training. Having said that, we’ll be missing next week’s class as we’re heading down to the Lake District for a mini holiday with our pup!