The Fugitive

Picture this.. a peaceful afternoon.. Beanie & Biggles chilling out with us in our office.



In due course they both go out to the garden to answer nature’s call and (almost) come face to face with this:


Yep, a cow went rogue, busted out of its field and came to chew the grass at the other side of our garden fence! Biggles was strangely quiet by the time I got down there with them. Maybe he was all woofed-out, having already defended us from the postman and a courier earlier in the day, but Beanie stepped up to the plate and did a great job of repelling this would-be gate crasher.

It took a few minutes, but eventually the cow couldn’t endure any more of Beanie’s indignant woofage (or maybe ran out of grass to eat) and headed back into its field. We’re safe again.. but for how long?