Our cani-cross kit arrived yesterday and we took the dogs to Pollock park to test drive it.

We’ve got two belts and lines as we’ll rarely have the dogs out together while Biggles is young. But we did get a double line so that one of us could take both dogs together if we wanted. It was the double line we tried out.

The dogs knew instinctively what to do and loved it. The main thing to work on is directional commands and a command to SLOW DOWN!!!!!!!!

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  1. Kathleen Macdonald

    Hi Guys

    Would love these kits for our dogs as Neil esp. would like to get out and run with them and he could do with the de-stressing what with all we’re going through at the moment!! Please e-mail me the details of where you get the equipment? So glad you two are having a good time of it at the moment after all the hassles and heartache you’ve been through you both deserve it…what did you two do with all the time before you had beagles in your life?!!!
    I’ll be in touch by phone soon. Cheers Kathleen

  2. Susan Westlake Post author

    Hello stranger! Make sure you do phone me soon and let me know how Nollaig is – I don’t like to keep pestering you but I am anxious to hear how she’s doing. And of course your poor mum & dad!

    Try and making it to the racing on Sunday – I know lots of people will be very pleased to see you.

    It was because of Neil that I came across cani-cross. I was looking for a belt to attach multiple dogs to like his and discovered cani-cross!

    I’ll dig out the details of where we got the kit and mail it to you later. I’ll post it up here too for anyone else that’s interested.

  3. Julie

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    If you have photos you would like to contribute or know of someone else who may, you will be acknowledged in the book and your dog will be published! I look forward to hearing back from you and am happy to answer any questions. Thank you, Julie

  4. Simon

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