Biggles: The Metrosexual Beagle?

Earlier this year Biggles won the “best in show” title at Beagle Racing. Later on, when we took photos of him wearing his new Retrieva dog tracking collar, the guys at Retrieva asked if they could use them to help market their products. I think all this modeling success has gone to his head and he’s become a bit of a David Beckham. He has his nails trimmed regularly, he’s got his own lipstick to use on sunny days, and now he’s had a deep cleansing mud bath.


Admittedly all this beauty stuff does seem to be working for him – I’ve never seen him looking better!


And it doesn’t seem to put the girls off in the slightest. He got on very well with Murphy – one of Beanie’s agility pals – when we bumped into her at the park.



As for Beanie, well she doesn’t bother with beauty treatments as such but she is partial to a bit of perfume. Not the common stuff you see advertised on the telly of course! No for her it’s got to be Eau de Fox Poo. A couple of subtle smears either side of her neck and she just knows she’s hot!


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  1. Julia

    Ugh – mud on the legs is one thing, but I believe I see a bit of a mud cocktail was consumed, too? Dolly drank mud on Saturday, and we could barely stand to look at her mud-stache! She was thrilled with herself, until the inevitable post walk bath, of course. Next time I’ll just explain that it’s part of the beauty regimen.

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