Will You Help Nollaig?

Some of you will know Kathleen and Neil Macdonald and their little Beagle Nollaig.

Nollaig is very poorly and has been battling for her life for some months now. Nollaig’s body isn’t producing red blood cells and the vets are struggling to find a cure. They’ve worked their way through umpteen treatments but so far nothing has worked. There are still a couple of more treatments to try but Nollaig’s blood count is still dropping.

Until a cure is found Nollaig needs fairly regular blood transfusions. Last time she had one the vets struggled to find a suitable donor. They warned that if she needed another transfusion it might be impossible to find a donor.

Kathleen and Neil have been having a terrible time. The bills are mounting up and they are struggling to cope with one disaster after another. One thing that would give them a little bit of peace of mind is knowing that if Nollaig needs another blood transfusions we have lots of volunteers lined up willing to give blood.

I don’t have the full details right now, but in order to help you would need to meet the following criteria:

1. Be willing for your dog to give blood

2. Your dog must be at least 20 – 25kg

3. Your dog must be in good health

4. Your dog must be up to date with all vaccinations.

If I understand things correctly, Greyhounds make particularly good blood doners as 70% of them have a blood type that is compatable with all dogs. But if you have any breed of dog that fits the criteria please, please, please drop us a line letting us know that you might be willing to help if needed. We’ll keep a note of your details and if Nollaig needs another transfusion to save her life and her vets can’t find a suitable donar we’ll pass on your details.

Please pass this on to anyone that you know with a dog – it could save Nollaig’s life.

If you can help drop us a line at [email protected]

4 Replies to “Will You Help Nollaig?”

  1. Hazel & Sophie

    that is the saddest thing i’m so sad for her. Sophie is too light for a transfusion but i’ll ask around the park. This may sound crazy but could they try this honey – http://www.lifemel.com/ and http://www.lifemel.co.uk/ – it improves blood cell count in people who are having radio and chemotherapy and Sophie’s had a lick at the spoon when i’ve given some out and loved it. Anything is worth a try i guess.

  2. Susan Post author

    Thanks Hazel, I’ll let Kathleen know. If nothing else honey would be a nice treat!

    I think Beagles probably are too light. Louise is going to ask her vet if Tess can give blood but I expect not.

    Apparently Greyhounds make the best donors, so if you come across any of them on your travels…

    I hope Kathleen and Neil won’t mind me saying this, but Nollaig isn’t insured (for what seemed like sensible reasons at the time) and the bills have been unbelievable and are still mounting up at hundreds of pounds a week. They’re also being hit by one disaster after another with family health problems etc. If we can just get some potential donors lined up it will be one small worry off their plate. I just wish there was something more we could do. Kathleen’s always been so quick to help others when needed.

  3. Fiona

    I wish we could help, but being right down on the south coast I guess we’re too far away? William is in the right weight range (BIG beagle!)and he was very good about the needle when he’s had to have a blood test, but I don’t see how we could get the blood up to your part of the world :( Have you been in touch with the Beagle Welfare people?

  4. Susan Post author

    Thank you Fiona!

    I don’t think location will matter too much. Kathleen is currently looking into getting blood imported from America!

    If it turns out that we need to look for a donor for Nollaig I’ll get in touch with the full details.

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