Biggles’ First Agility Lesson & Beanie Shows Off

Biggles had his first agility lesson yesterday and did very well!

Rather than start him in classes we decided he’d do better just joining Beanie in her weekly private lesson. Teacher Carol says it will be fine to teach him the same things that Beanie’s currently learning. And for the past two or three weeks Beanie has been working hard on distance control. Here she is practicing in the garden this morning:

She doesn’t quite know what “Left” means – she’s taking her cue from the direction my body is facing. Also, you’ll notice little tennis balls placed around the course. When I send her away from me I’m actually sending her to one of the balls. Right now, she wouldn’t go if the balls weren’t there, but soon we’ll wean her off them and she’ll be working only to commands.

Unfortunately Biggles wasn’t in the mood today so we didn’t get him on video. But he’s already starting to get the hang of this and can manage to go over the first two jumps and back through the tunnel. We’ll get a video of Biggles in action ASAP!