Kibble Gnomes

Yesterday’s doggy breakfast was preceded by a loud scream. Susan went into the cupboard to fill Beanie & Biggles bowls, and almost scooped a handful of mouse instead of a handful of dog food! It seems the little critter (or more likely critters) sought refuge in our house during the recent big freeze and helped himself/themselves to our pups’ nosh. When I later cleared out the cupboard I found a little stockpile of kibble hidden in a corner behind a discarded kickboard. It was really, really neatly arranged, and when I saw it I had a mental picture of this merry little line of mice carrying kibble out of the food bag back to their corner, singing a little song all the while. Sort of like a rodent version of the “Underpant Gnomes” in Southpark. Needless to say measures have been taken, and the little kibble gnomes are not long for this world. Susan actually feels sorry for the little buggers, but as far as I’m concerned they’ve got it coming. Nobody messes with my pups’ food and gets away with it, whether they’re called Mickey or not.

On a lighter note, last night we met up with the gang from Lomond Flyball again for a really nice pub dinner. They had a surprise for us! At the end of last year they handed out prizes to their beginners for completing time trials. We missed out on the presentation because of the house move, but last night we got these lovely trophies:


You may have noticed that the one for 3rd place is a little bit grander than the one for 5th, but we’ve been deliberately vague about letting Beanie & Biggles know who got which one – we don’t want any jealousy rearing its head.

And finally, with the first lure coursing session of 2010 coming tomorrow we invited Beanie & Biggles’ new pal Bundy round to our place so she could learn what all this lure-chasing business is about. As one might expect, there was a little bit of a run around before we got down to business:


Beanie, Bundy and Biggles

Then we moved on to the lure coursing itself. Our little portable kit served us well and after a few goes Bundy seemed to have got the hang of it, so I’m hopeful that she’ll do well tomorrow.


Bundy’s a really sweet little girl. She has attributes in common with both our two; she’s pretty and fast like Beanie, and she can fart like Biggles!

By way of thanks for her crash course in coursing, Bundy gave Beanie and Biggles some little prezzies. Like all the best prezzies, they were edible.


The mice ain’t getting these rawhide shoes!


That’s for sure!

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  1. Sara

    Awww poor little meeces!

    It’s the opposite in our house. The Beagle helped himself to a whole bag of rat food… Which made for interesting poos for the following couple of days!

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