Lure Coursing – First Session of 2010

The long awaited first lure coursing session of 2010 took place today. Beanie and Biggles new pal Bundy was there along with old pals Cuillen and Jamie. It was a beautiful sunny day – albeit very cold!

Cuillen and Biggles were first to race. Cuillin got off to a good start:


but lost interest after the first corner. Biggles took a short cut then romped over the finish line with Magic the poodle (who joined the race in the final straight) hot on his heels:


Cuillin should be in the race, and Magic shouldn’t!

But Biggles doesn’t care! His cheating ways have put him in the lead!


Bundy was next. She drew against a very fast whippet in her first race but she did very well:

Finally it was Beanie’s turn. She too was drawn against a whippet. She ran her heart out:


cut a couple of corners and managed a dramatic neck and neck finish:



But was pipped at the post. So all the Beagles were knocked out in the first round. We’d thought that Biggles was through but the judges awarded the race to Cuillin – no doubt because of Biggles’ shameless cheating!

We finished up with a couple of races with all the Beagles and Cuillin. In the first one Beanie took off after the lure while Biggles took a direct route to the half way point with Bundy hot on his heels. Beanie managed to catch them up despite the fact that Biggles only ran half the course, but our little boy slipped up a gear and managed to hold off his big sister to win the race.

In the next race the lineup was the same:


Cuillin was released slightly ahead of the others and this time he followed the lure almost half way around the course!


Biggles took his cheating a stage further and ran directly to the home straight to wait for the lure:

What’s wrong with this picture?
So Biggles wins his third race of the day…in his own unique way!

You can see the full set of photos from this lure coursing session on Flickr – click here.